MediaPower Announces Storage Mx Media Storage

European media technology solutions provider MediaPower has released an enterprise-level cost-effective media storage system Storage MX, and opened a new regional office in the U.S. 

The MediaPower Storage MX is anNAS/SAN media storage array that achieves the performance and reliability of large enterprise storage and the flexibility and scalability of small to medium-size systems. It is a high-density storage providing operators and production studios the capacity to store thousands of hours’ worth of content in an economical footprint. It features load balancing and system failover capabilities, offering broadcast operators and media companies new levels of performance, reliability, and scalability, without limiting deployment options.

The MediaPower Storage MX is initially available in two base active-active dual controller models: MX16 (16-drive 3U) and MX24 (24-drive 4U). Both models can be expanded using expansion shelves that also support an additional 16 or 24-drives per expansion shelf.

Along with the launch of MediaPower Storage MX, MediaPower has established a regional office in the US serving the Americas region. It’s located in Southern New Hampshire and headed by Ralph Beck, who has held executive positions with XOR Media and SeaChange .

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