MGM Networks and ITI to launch Polish movie channel

Global television channel provider, MGM Networks, a division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., and ITI Neovision, a subsidiary of the ITI Group, a Polish media and entertainment company, have joined forces to create a localized version of The MGM Channel for Poland. Launching in December on “n”, the ITI Group’s new direct-to-home satellite television platform, the MGM Channel in Poland will be broadcast in Polish and be available in high-definition and standard-definition formats.

Bruce Tuchman, executive vice president, MGM Networks, stated: “As MGM Networks has expanded its footprint across the world, we have worked diligently to partner with top local media and entertainment companies to secure the most compelling opportunities and ensure the highest levels of quality.  In the ITI Group we have found an example par excellence. This will also be our first MGM branded channel available in HD format, and it will present a compelling and unmatched viewing experience for both those familiar with, and those new to, the legendary MGM film library.”

“It’s great privilege for us to introduce to Polish viewers the first HD movie channel in the country and a great honor for us to launch with the magnificent MGM brand,” said Maciej Sojka, president, ITI Neovision. Sojka added, “Interest in HD technology and content in Poland has grown dynamically, along with ever-increasing sales of HD and HD-ready television sets. Until now, Poland has lacked channels that can offer viewers full appreciation of the potential of high definition technology. Thanks to ‘n’, from now on Polish viewers will also be able to get the full benefit of HD; thanks to our cooperation with MGM, they will have a chance to experience the highest quality home entertainment, quality thus far only experienced in the cinema.”

Featuring handpicked selections from the MGM library, the MGM Channel in Poland will present movies across all eras and genres, including staples from the MGM library such as Raging Bull, Midnight Cowboy, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Coming Home, Network and The Manchurian Candidate. In addition, the MGM Channel will showcase MGM library features from filmmakers such as Woody Allen, Brian DePalma, Spike Lee, John William Friedkin and Robert Altman, as well as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Robert De Niro, Jane Fonda, Jodie Foster, Gene Hackman, Steve McQueen and Reese Witherspoon.

The MGM Channel will be available on “n,” the ITI Group’s newly launched digital satellite platform, which features Poland’s only HD channel offerings, along with channels specially packaged for the platform by Poland’s leading commercial television network, TVN, and other third party providers. In addition, the channel will be offered to Polish cable operators.

Customized versions of The MGM Channel are available in nearly 120 countries and territories around the world, representing a more than four-fold increase in the number of territories worldwide reached by MGM Networks over the last five years.


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