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MundoFox Adds WGEN Miami To Lineup

Fox’s new U.S. Spanish-language broadcast network significantly upgrades its penetration in the country’s No. 3 Hispanic market.

MundoFox, the new U.S. Spanish-language broadcast network launched in August by Fox International Channels and the RCN Television Group (RCN) of Colombia are have signed WGEN Miami. WGEN takes over the Miami MundoFox affiliation from the previously announced low-power WJAN-CD.

WGEN is a full-power station owned by Mapale LLC that is available throughout the entire Miami DMA and reaches as far south as Key West. The station is seen over the air on ch. 8.1 in HD and carried by every major distributor in the market, including DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse and Atlantic Broadband on ch. 8. On Comcast, it can be seen mainly on ch. 8, in some areas on ch. 22, and in HD on ch. 445.

“The addition of WGEN-TV to the MundoFox affiliate family represents a major step forward for us in Miami, bringing full coverage, a consistent channel position, and a strong, built-in Spanish-language audience in this very important DMA,” said Emiliano Saccone, president of MundoFox.

“WGEN-TV welcomes MundoFox’s high-quality programming strategy as a refreshing alternative that stands to be the future one-stop destination for the dynamic Hispanic population of Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties,” said Roy Meyeringh, GM of WGEN.

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Dale Godfrey says:

December 31, 2012 at 12:01 pm

WGEN is licensed to and operates from KEY WEST, not Miami! It maintains a series of LP’s and translators along the keys and in the Miami area. The station operated on Channel 22 in analog days, and operates its current transmitter on VHF Channel 8. Over the air the signal is absolutely horrible; it resembles what an analog signal transmitted from a source such as a 3/4″ U-Matic, 5th generation dub would look like. I am located about three miles from their stick, where they are co-located with WSBS, another equally disastrous looking digital OTA TV signal. I have a rooftop antenna, and have near line-of-site to their tower. As I am writing this I am flipping to WGEN on Dish Network and it is equally as awful a picture there as well! The logo on the lower left side of the raster is that of MondoFox. On Dish Network neither WGEN nor WSBS is offered in HD, probably because they are not in Hi Definition in the first place. It amazes me they have ANY audience.

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