NAB ’18 Tech Hot Topics Products: Master Control, Playout

For the third year, TVNewsCheck is augmenting its coverage of NAB Show Hot Topics tech trends stories with information that can make your visit to the NAB Show easier. This week’s focus is master control and playout (read the main story here). These companion resource guides on the technology covered each week are compilations of information provided by vendors. To download this page as a PDF, click here.

Aveco | Booth No. SU-8516 | | 923 S. Candler St. Decatur, GA 30030; 818-292-1489 | HQ: Veleslavinska 39, 162 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic; +420 235-366-707 

Aveco Astra MCR — Playout automation from complex multi-channel, multi-site operations to small standalone systems, from discreet device control to integrated playout to cloud operations. New MCR features this year include the industry’s first BXF 5 integration, and Ad Juggler for live sports network play sponsorship. There are also new tools to manage multi-channel operations, better equipment pool facility management, improved social media gateway integration, deeper integration with news production automation and more extensive MAM and cloud capabilities. Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: Jim O’Brien ([email protected] 818-292-1489)

Aveco Redwood Blue is an advanced, integrated platform combining Aveco’s award-winning automation with Harmonic-Spectrum ingest-graphics-and-playout. Features include multiple layers of graphics, multiple DVEs, live switching, audio mixing and with Aveco’s advanced production-and-playout automation. Each Redwood Blue chassis supports four-channels of ingest-or-playout, which is easily expandable to large numbers of channels both locally and remotely.
Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: Jim O’Brien ([email protected] 818-292-1489)



Bitcentral Inc. | Booth No. SU2610 | | 4340 Von Karman Ave., Suite 400, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | 949-253-9000

Central Control provides a flexible toolset for master control operation with modules to execute all of the processes that converge into playout. This approach streamlines operators’ efforts without compromising ease of use. Central Control delivers full linear channels including traffic integration, storage management, offline playlists scheduling, syndicated content processing and automated feed recording, program cataloging, media editing/versioning, system monitoring and reporting. The result is reliable execution of parallel processes with flexibility and efficient resource allocation.

Product Information: To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]


Crispin Corp., a Sony Company | Booth No. C12316 | | 600 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27605 | 919-845-7744 

NewsWheel provides an automated, unattended 24-hour news channel for use with standard, over-the-air channels or web-based OTT. It integrates Crispin’s Master Control applications, traffic and MOS interfaces with popular news production systems, and it provides support for live news, weather cut-ins, commercial breaks and other functions needed for a live news environment.

Product Information: Price: Contact the Crispin sales team Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]

LoadingDock is a content acquisition, prep and distribution center, scalable to multi-station use. This powerful content management tool includes manual/automatic transfer, ingest and sharing options. LoadingDock includes the ability to pull data, upload it to the cloud, prep spots and programs, watch low-resolution clips, and review status of material.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Price: Contact the Crispin sales team Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]


Evertz | Booth No. N1503 | | 5292 John Lucas Dr., Burlington, ON L7L 5Z9, Canada | 905-335-3700 

Mediator-X/OvertureRT-LIVE — Mediator-X’s modern software based, micro services platform and OvertureRT-LIVE offers broadcast facilities a cost effective, centrally managed, scalable playout solution. The combination is well suited to lower capital expenditures and reduces total cost of ownership for media companies while making new revenue opportunities accessible. This proven Evertz approach, which leverages public cloud, private cloud and hybrid architectures, gives media companies the agility and flexibility to scale their operations without comprising on quality and allows for them to reach their customers in more innovative ways. 

Product Information: Availability: Available now To set up an appointment, contact: 905-335-3700 


Florical Systems | Booth No. N2524 | | 4500 NW 27th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32606 | 352-372-8326 

FéniX series integrated playout — Florical introduces a new integrated playout solution called FéniX. The server features SDI and IP I/O options on the same box. Includes integrated MC switching, branding, and DVE effects. The FéniX is powered by Harmonic technology and Florical’s enterprise automation suite, creating one of the most comprehensive systems on the market. 

Availability: Immediate For pricing or to set up an appointment, contact: [email protected] 


Grass Valley, a Belden Brand | Booth No. SL106 | | 3030 NW Aloclek Dr., Hillsboro, OR 97124 | 503-526-7904 

iTX — Grass Valley iTX is an advanced content delivery solution for broadcast television and VOD, used by many of the largest broadcast brands globally, delivering more than 20 million hours of media in a year. It offers IP/SDI format flexibility, SMPTE ST 20226, MPEG2 and H.264 compressed IP inputs/outputs, as well as SDI I/O.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Price: Varies by configuration Availability: Immediate

iTX Flex offers broadcasters a cost-effective SaaS playout solution using true cloud architectures leveraging the proven iTX and GV Cloud Orchestration technologies. It combines public cloud orchestration controlling industry leading software playout engines hosted in either a private data center or the public cloud. iTX Flex utilizes GV Engine, delivering thousands of primetime channels worldwide with a rich feature set and full support for all the latest emerging standards including SMPTE ST 2110 and HDR.

Price: Varies by configuration Availability: Launching at NAB


Harmonic | Booth No. SU810 | | 4300 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134 | 800-828-5521

Spectrum X Advanced Media Server System — Designed for mission critical production and playout applications in SD, HD, 3G and UHD resolutions, Spectrum X combines file, baseband and transport stream ingest with comprehensive integrated channel playout (ICP) capabilities, including graphics, branding, DVE and live switching of mixed SDI and SMPTE ST 2022-6 and SMPTE ST 2110 uncompressed IP sources. The solution provides both IP and SDI outputs, including support for simulcast on every channel as standard. It simplifies workflows and reduces operational costs, enabling video content and service providers to deliver high quality video and easily migrate from SDI to full IP playout at their own pace.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: immediate To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]   


Imagine Communications | Booth No. SL1516 | | 3001 Dallas Parkway Suite 300, Frisco, TX 75034 | 469-803-4900 

Versio Platform is the industry’s first cloud-native, microservices-based and modular playout solution designed from the ground-up for pure-IP, geo-dispersed environments based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. Versio Master Control Service (MCS) is an optional component of Versio Platform and provides an intuitive, touchscreen-based master control surface designed for live control of switching, graphics and automation. In addition, Versio MCS offers an advanced set of master control solutions designed to simplify and streamline operational workflows specifically around live events. Using additional workspaces, operators can quickly make up-to-the-second changes based on the run of play. Versio MCS provides solutions for both single-channel or multiple-channel control.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]


NVerzion | Booth No. N5624 | | 296 East 3900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84107 | 801-293-8420 

NCONTROL Automation Convenience Packages, version 10.0 — Today’s complicated master control workflows require a precise and solid automation control platform. This includes upper-level management to provide seamless processes starting at acquisition, preparation, monitoring and final transmission. Staying true to our roots, NVerzion can provide new and legacy system replacements to improve on system reliability and efficiencies without affecting current workflow. The NVerzion 10.0 convenience packages offer single to multi-channel systems, with unlimited growth capabilities.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Immediate

NFINITY – Nverzion’s next-generation video servers are designed to address the complex requirements of today’s file-based workflows. The cost effective multi-channel HD/SD package includes built-in automation, graphics, record scheduler, manual record apps, and more. The server provides support for all major codecs and wrappers, with internal transcoding. Other unique features include internal network source switch, DTMF/VANC network triggering for commercial insertion, and EAS support.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: Reed Haslam ([email protected])


Pebble Beach Systems | Booth SL 4528 | | 12 Horizon Business Village, 1 Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0TJ, UK | +44 1932 333790

Marina — Pebble’s flagship multichannel playout automation will be shown with new options including improved channel redundancy options, SCTE-104 encoding and enhanced “SmartPanel” capability. Pebble has a track record of replacing legacy and end-of-life automation systems. The upgrade path to Marina entails minimal interruption to existing workflows, as well as allowing continued use of existing broadcast playout technology.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Now To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]

Orca is an award-winning virtualized IP channel solution for playout from the private or public cloud. This proven, software-defined channel delivery solution enables organizations to deploy channels almost instantly. Attendees will learn how the new low latency NDI confidence monitoring increases Orca’s suitability for high value live, reactive channels.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Availability: Now To set up an appointment, contact: [email protected]


Pixel Power | Booth No. SL3829 | | 13457 Colfax Highway, Grass Valley, CA 95945 | 530-263-5934

StreamMaster Deliver takes the functionality, graphics capability, and image quality of the existing Pixel Power master control and integrated playout systems, and implements them in software to run on commodity hardware. StreamMaster Deliver is designed to support virtualization — a channel-in-a-box system, but without the limitations of the traditional proprietary box — and future-proof versatility where new features and standards can be implemented very quickly. SDI I/O is also available to support hybrid and transitional environments. This approach allows broadcasters and media companies to get professional playout on air — and particularly online — quickly and at manageable cost during their transition to IP.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Price: Variable based on configuration, On-Demand, Pay-As-You-Go Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment, contact: Mike O’Connell ([email protected])


PlayBox Technology | Booth No. N4520 | | PlayBox Technology Limited, Brookmans Park Teleport, Great North Road, Hatfield AL9 6NE, UK | +44 (0)1707 664 444

PlayBox Technology Neo is a channel-in-a-box system centered on the AirBox Neo server and supported by a wide range of optional modules. New workflow features for Neo series products include the ability to integrate ProductionAirBox Neo closely with the Associated Press ENPS news production system via MOS gateway. A Facebook API implementation for SocialMediaBoxNeo will also be exhibited, including the ability to reuse archived feeds and the display of “likes” for each post. Neo TS Time Delay is a 1U IP-based delay server providing fully transparent delay of IP transport streams such as DVB/ATSC MPEG broadcast-quality compressed video and audio.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: For pricing and availability, or to set up an appointment, contact: [email protected] or 844-611-4444

PlayBox Technology CloudAir is a complete system for managing of playout via IP over the public cloud. It is available as a subscriber service, freeing users from capital commitments and hardware depreciation costs. CloudAir is scalable from single-channel up to multi-channel of any required size. It offers mobility in terms of access, reliability, IP-based workflows and linear or non-linear distribution. CloudAir can be used standalone or integrated with Neo to provide a powerful combination of on-site hardware and remote resources. Among new features are a transcoder capable of handling multiple file wrappers and formats including MPEG PS/TS, MXF, QT, AVI, MP4, GXF, MPG2, H.264, ProRes, DNX HD and MJPEG. Also being introduced are an enhanced graphics editor template preparation interface, improved playlist editing, advanced playlist export to EPGs and automated linking of stored assets.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: For pricing and availability, or to set up an appointment, contact: [email protected] or 844-611-4444


RUSHWORKS | Booth SL 11216| | 800 Parker Square, Suite 200, Flower Mound, TX 75028 | 888-894-7874

A-LIST broadcast automation systems integrate powerful simplicity with cost-effective configurations that provide all the requisite features for a fraction of big-iron prices. Complementing A-LIST Broadcast Automation this year is the introduction of A-LIST Streamster, an IP-only desktop automation engine with most of the features of the BROADCAST version, but inputting and outputting NDI, YouTube, Facebook, and URLs for true OTT mediacasting. The systems can share basic A-LIST playlists, providing the best of both worlds for operators.

Product Information: Availability: Immediate


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