NAB 2011: Thomson Broadcast Products Preview

2011 NAB Show Preview
Thomson Broadcast
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Thomson Broadcast has pioneered many developments in solid-state technology, digital adaptive pre-correction (DAP), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB). Its portfolio includes transmission products for terrestrial television, radio broadcasting and scientific applications, combined with world-class systems integration services.

Elite 100 GreenPower Transmitter Line (NEW)—Thomson’s environmentally friendly range of GreenPower transmitters is enhanced with the new medium-power range Elite 100 GreenPower series. Delivering the highest efficiency on the market in its class, the Elite 100 GreenPower is the optimal choice for low CO2, low-OPEX operation in initial digital deployments, or to extend coverage in tandem with high-power Elite 1000 GreenPower transmitters. Flexible, the Elite 100 GreenPower is a true plug-and-play solution adaptable to meet any field requirement. 

Elite 10 Repeater, Multi-Channel Version (NEW)—Designed for rapid deployment for indoor or outdoor operation, the Elite 10 Repeater is switchable in transposer mode and offers an ultra-efficient two-level digital echo canceller. As part of the Elite 10 repeater range, the new multi-channel version benefits from all these advanced features and is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for multiplexed channels, with up to six-way capacity. It features active RF de-multiplexing for high sensitivity input.

ATSC-M/H—Thomson has successfully field deployed its end-to-end Advanced Television Systems Committee–Mobile/Handheld (ATSC-M/H) solution, and will show a fully integrated ATSC Mobile DTV transmission system at the 2011 NAB Show. ATSC Mobile DTV is now an approved standard ready for deployment by broadcasters. Broadcasters are developing commercial mobile TV services for their markets that will boost advertising revenues. An ATSC-M/H version of its standard ADAPT-IV digital exciter used in the existing lines of the Elite solid-state, DCX Paragon MSDC-IOT and DCX Millennium traditional IOT DTV transmitters will be demonstrated, as well as a complete range of ATSC M/H-ready video processing equipment from Thomson Video Networks.

Elite ISDB-Tb Transmitter Series—The comprehensive Elite transmitter series now also supports the ISDB-Tb system, which is used for digital television broadcast in South America. Standard on the Thomson Elite ISDB-Tb transmitters is a re-multiplexing function as well as the unique real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) feature for excellent stability and quality of the signal regardless of variations in typical environmental conditions. An embedded SNMP agent and a Web server are included to monitor the equipment.


DCX Paragon DTV Transmitter—For high-power UHF and ultra-high-efficiency operation, the DCX Paragon DTV transmitter from Thomson Broadcast is unrivaled in the market. The DCX Paragon uses Multi-Segment Depressed Collector–Inductive Output Tube (MSDC-IOT) technology that operates with up to 60 percent efficiency and saves up to 33 percent off current electricity bills. In addition, the High-Power Amplifier (HPA) features an internal cabinet oil cooling system and Soft-Arc Technology (SAT) — eliminating the crowbar — for improved reliability. The DCX Paragon transmitter thus delivers a low cost of ownership. Thomson Broadcast has already sold more than 190 HPAs.

Elite 1000 GreenPower Transmitter Line—This sleek, high-performance UHF transmitter features 50-V LDMOS technology and boasts an output power of up to 14 kW ATSC per cabinet with an energy-consumption savings of up to 15 percent over the previous Elite transmitter series. Utilizing Thomson’s real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP), the Elite 1000 GreenPower line provides leading-edge DTV transmission efficiency, optimized output power, exemplary signal quality and high redundancy.

ATSC-M/H Exciter—The ATSC-M/H version of the ADAPT-IV DTV exciter for the Thomson Elite solid-state, DCX Paragon MSDC-IOT and DCX Millennium traditional IOT DTV transmitters will be demonstrated at the 2011 NAB Show. It allows broadcasters to transmit both fixed ATSC (A/53) and ATSC-M/H (A/153) and begin delivering rich mobile DTV services to viewers. In addition to ATSC-M/H, the ADAPT-IV exciter features the award-winning Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP). DAP provides automatic correction of both linear and non-linear distortions for the highest quality DTV signal transmission. This means that the 8-VSB signal leaving the DTV transmitter will have the best possible quality for SNR/MER.

DRM Content Server with Diveemo Data Service—The DRM content server is an integrated, all-in-one content server and transmission control system for DRM radio transmission, complete with the Diveemo application for managing the transmission of extra non-audio content such as images, text, maps, small-scale video and advertising.

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