NAB 2012: Front Porch Digital Products Preview

2012 NAB Show Preview
Front Porch Digital
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Front Porch Digital provides on-site and cloud solutions for migrating, managing, and monetizing media content.

LYNX — An integrated, cloud-based environment for managing assets on a global scale, from any device and any location. The LYNX project is the company’s largest R&D investment in more than a decade and offers media organizations a next-generation approach to global asset management, with an outstanding range of benefits in adaptability, on-demand scalability, capital cost reduction, and simplified maintenance.

LYNX applications and services are tightly integrated with the company’s DIVA technology and are designed to fit the needs of media organizations facing not only the traditional pressures involved in managing mission-critical assets securely and with flexibility, but also the many additional challenges of successful operation in today’s industry.

Leveraging the latest cloud and Web services technologies, LYNX will underpin a range of networked and distributed solutions, including a hosted disaster recovery service for existing DIVA customers, a private/hybrid cloud service allowing global media enterprises to centralize critical assets and consolidate operations, and a public cloud service with DIVArchive functionality offered on a SaaS (software as a service) basis.

DIVAdirector V5.0 — A media asset management (MAM) system that enables operators to search, locate, and retrieve stored media assets directly from their desktops using their Web browsers. V5.0 boasts HTTP-based adaptive streaming support, whereby client Internet browsers can switch between different video and audio bit rates depending on available network conditions and CPU power. The resulting user experience is one of reliable, consistent playback without stutter, buffering, or “last mile” congestion. In addition, DIVAdirector V5.0 offers portability across operating systems (Windows 7, Mac OS), browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox), proxy formats (WMV & H.264), and an increased number of concurrent users.


DIVArchive V7.0 — Content storage management (CSM) system with new features and capabilities. With its support for complex DPX packages, DIVArchive V7.0 enables video-like operations on film-carried content, making it desirable for film production and postproduction applications.

DIVArchive V7.0 is also the first system of its kind to implement the new open Archive eXchange Format (AXF) technology developed by Front Porch Digital to protect, preserve, and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems today and for the future. This new open AXF implementation represents a step toward replacing outmoded legacy formats like TAR with a truly open and storage-agnostic approach ensuring long-term accessibility to the world’s most valuable content. 

The enhancements to DIVArchive extend its applicability to media operations of every kind — broadcasters, educational and heritage institutions, the film industry, and government entities. It features the ability to interconnect every element of operations from archive to production to transmission for cost-effective, seamless file-based workflows.

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