NAB 2012: Weather Central Products Preview

2012 NAB Show Preview
Weather Central
Booth SL3911

Weather Central offers visualization software, proprietary data, interactive Web applications and patented technologies for creating and delivering data-driven content. It will feature enhancements to its Fusion Studio weather presentation system.

High Resolution Forecast Data

The key enabler behind Fusion Studio is Weather Central’s high resolution data, such as VividCast that lets presenters to zero in with 1km resolution forecast data on specific locations in their viewing area. In addition to local graphics, this data drives unique indexes that answer the question that most interests viewers, “how will the weather affect me?” Weather Central iFactor delivers a life-style based weather rating based on a 1-100 scale that can be integrated into weather presentations.

Expanded 3D Feature Set

Fusion Studio offers a true 3D environment, featuring multiple lighting sources, shadows, customizable animations and transitions, 3D object support and more. Now any Fusion scene—graphic, live video or clips, etc. — can be applied to the face of a 3D object and then used interactively by the presenter during broadcast. This 3D mapping scene offers presenters an entirely new category of storytelling tools and presents broadcasters with additional avenues for creativity in set design and brand identification. Other new features include 3D texture mapping and reflections.


Seamless Social Media Integration

Fusion Studio provides station meteorologists with one-click integrated posting to a station’s Facebook and Twitter pages that ensures coordination of output between on air forecasts and that pushed to social media platforms.

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