NAB 2015: Integrated Microwave Technologies Products Preview

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Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a provider of advanced digital microwave systems, introduces its Nucomm Live-Action Point-of-View Transmitter with Camera (Dropcam) at NAB 2015.

The Nucomm Dropcam is a self-contained, small, ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) transmitter with assorted adapter modules. The Dropcam has an integrated battery enabling three hours of unattended transmission. This package makes it the ideal camera transmitter to capture point-of-view video for sporting events, reality television, hidden-camera applications and many other broadcast uses requiring unique and dynamic camera angles.

The Dropcam comes standard with an HD-SDI adapter module. The module enables small, remotely mounted HD cameras to be interfaced directly to the Dropcam without additional batteries. Addition modules are available including an integrated Swivel Camera HD Module, which combines a low-light camera with a high dynamic range microphone. Operators can manually rotate the swivel camera head 180 degrees. The Dropcam also features an assortment of removable sensor modules depending on the users’ specific application and need.

The Dropcam may be optionally fitted with an internal edge video recorder, which records audio and video onto an internal memory for off-line analysis. Users can download the recorded video over a USB connection to any computer.

The Nucomm Dropcam’s integrated battery can power the transmitter for more than three hours, and can be recharged using the AC adaptor provided in the kit. It is also capable of AES encryption, especially useful for live sports broadcast applications.


The video from Dropcam can be received on any MPEG-4 capable handheld receiver, receive sites or broadcast trucks. IMT’s two-way diversity handheld receivers, such as Direct VU or the new compact Nucomm Mini Viewer, are designed for video assist and video streaming with the Dropcam.

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