NAB 2015: Signiant Products Preview

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Signiant, a provider of intelligent file movement software, will be featuring its Signiant Flight, a hybrid SaaS solution that accelerates the movement of large data sets into and out of cloud storage. Signiant is also rolling out new features for Flight, including enhanced end-to-end encryption and increased flexibility of storage options.

In the year since Flight (formerly SkyDrop) was introduced to the market, the solution has been used to move massive amounts of data into and out of cloud storage. Flight provides the ability to upload or download large files up to 200x faster than a standard transfer, and offers ease-of-use, scalability and low operating costs.

“As cloud adoption continues and file sizes keep growing, organizations are facing increasingly complex decisions about storage and data movement,” said Margaret Craig, CEO, Signiant. “They require the flexibility to store files wherever makes the most sense for their business and budget, and the peace of mind that those files are secure. During the last year, our customers have come to rely on Signiant Flight, and we are excited to offer these new features to meet their evolving needs.”

Signiant Flight now includes enhanced state-of-the-art security and improved storage independence.

Enhanced Encryption. Customers’ high-value files are protected no matter where they reside due to Signiant’s approach to security. Flight is built with secure design principles applied, has received extensive third-party validation and provides multiple layers of security, including end-to-end encryption.


Signiant allows customers to encrypt their files throughout every step of the transfer and storage process. Files are encrypted while at rest on disk, during the transfer, and now retain encryption in cloud storage, enhancing security both from network hacks and from physical threats. Even if a hard drive or PC is stolen, files can only be accessed with an encryption key, which is only available to the content owner.

Storage Independence. Signiant’s “storage agnostic” approach provides customers the freedom to choose where their content is stored. For example, Flight customers can easily switch cloud storage vendors to take advantage of new features or lower costs. They can also use a hybrid approach, and work with multiple cloud storage vendors for different applications. Signiant’s SaaS model allows this flexibility all with a single Flight subscription.

Signiant Flight lets customers quickly transfer large files to and from cloud object storage. It was initially developed for Amazon S3 and is now available for Microsoft Azure blob storage. Flight will soon be offered for Google Cloud Platform and other cloud platforms as market demand continues to grow.

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