NAB 2015 Tech: Evertz IRD Platform

Evertz | Booth N1502 | Website:

Evertz is introducing the 7881IRD series — Evertz’s next-generation professional integrated receiver decoder  (IRD) platform.  7881IRD series provides both ASI and IP outputs, making it the ideal solution for turnaround, transcoding, monitoring or other applications where the received signal remains in the compressed domain. With up to four HD/SD-SDI decoded outputs and a unique modular form factor, the 7881IRD series features a high density architecture.

The platform has the ability to hot-swap all active modules without de-cabling, including the redundant power supplies. The 7881IRD platform offers satellite, ASI and IP inputs ensuring versatility and future-proof capability in environments where signals are received over multiple transport media or may change over time. Descrambling is facilitated through integral BISS decoding and the onboard DVB- CI slot.

The 7881IRD series is the ideal solution for applications that include signal reception for broadcasters, cable, DTH and IPTV providers, or any other small to large head-end operators who need to receive and utilize or re- distribute satellite content. Full monitoring and control of the IRD is available through the user-friendly front control panel, on-board web server or over SNMP with Evertz VistaLINK PRO.

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