NAB 2015 Tech: Vitec HEVC Hardware Encoder

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Vitec is displaying what it’s calling “the industry’s first entirely portable HEVC hardware encoder. The MGW Ace takes the benefits of HEVC encoding out of server rooms and into the field by integrating high-quality, low-delay hardware codec into a professional appliance.”

Designed to bring efficient broadcast-quality 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 HD video to portable streaming applications, the VITEC MGW Ace uses a real-time H.265 compression chip — eliminating the need for server-based encoding. Featuring a small form factor and low power consumption, the market-changing solution provides a wide range of inputs, KLV/STANAG metadata processing for ISR applications, and a secondary hardware-based MPEG-4 H.264 chip to generate H.264 services. The device also comes equipped with a network-efficient HEVC output to support any legacy system.

Ideal for live news broadcasting from the field, point-to-point contribution of HD video, live streaming from sports venues, or distributing mission-critical military imagery, the MGW Ace encoder is specifically engineered to satisfy demand for pristine real-time video — anywhere, anytime.

“Our new MGW Ace speaks to Vitec’s vision to be a leader within the video streaming industry,” said Philippe Wetzel, founder and CEO of Vitec. “By developing an entirely hardware-based HEVC encoding and streaming appliance, we’ve made true portability possible without compromising dependability, efficiency, and high-quality video transmissions. Integrating our field-proven H.264 compression and streaming technologies with Vitec’s advanced HEVC compression hardware, the MGW Ace brings compact power and mobility to any off-premises HD streaming requirement.”

“MGW Ace is a game-changing platform for today’s video streaming and IPTV applications,” said Eli Garten, VP of product management for Vitec. “Small, power-efficient, and simple to use, the platform finally enables HEVC in any field or deployed on airborne platforms while dramatically reducing the bandwidth needed for producing high quality video and metadata services.”


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