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Volicon is debuting the new Archiver option for its Observer Media Intelligence Platform. Addressing broadcasters’ need for convenient, cost-effective long-term storage of aired content, the Archiver option, Volicon says, “reliably makes high-quality versions of aired programming, promos, and advertisements readily available for use cases ranging from ad verification to repurposing.”

“A growing amount of unique content — news and sports highlights, in particular — is being exchanged among owners and provided to consumers via platforms such as OTT services and the Web,” said Gary Learner, chief technology officer at Volicon. “To leverage their own programming successfully within this marketplace, broadcasters need a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to capture and store aired content to highly accessible online storage. As expanding monetization opportunities make content increasingly valuable, reliable long-term storage of aired content also is a must for broadcasters. The new Archiver option for our Observer Media Intelligence Platform meets these demands, continually capturing content for long-term storage and providing the fast access necessary for rapid repurposing for broadcast or streaming.”

The Archiver option for the Observer Media Intelligence Platform gives broadcasters “a straightforward and cost-effective solution for bringing aired content into the content creation chain,” Volicon says. This new option gives multiple simultaneous users random access to an indexed store of full-resolution, high-bit-rate (long-GOP H.264, 9-15 Mbps) content, as well as low-resolution proxies.

Users can locate specific content, searching either by caption content or by date and time. Because they are working with content proxies, they can browse through content without using a powerful workstation and without consuming a great deal of bandwidth. Familiar tools built into the Observer Media Intelligence Platform allow for quick marking and extraction of selected clips.

When years of online storage are required, the Archiver option offers a scalable, high-performance, low-cost alternative to the expensive systems typically implemented for long-term archiving. The inherent redundancy of the system ensures that stored assets will remain secure and available over the long term. Two versions of aired content are captured and compared and used to guarantee that there are no gaps in the stored recording.


Because it features both baseband (SDI) and transport stream (TS) interfaces, and is compatible with any application, the Archiver option can be deployed in virtually any broadcast environment.

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