NAB announces 5th annual Digital Cinema Summit at NAB2006

NAB and partners Entertainment Technology Center at USC and SMPTE announced that immediate and near future applications will be the focus of the Digital Cinema Summit at NAB2006. Set for April 22 and 23, 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Summit will feature case studies, expert tutorials, keynotes and panels that examine practical issues arising from the production, postproduction, distribution and presentation of digital cinema.

SMPTE President Edward Hobson, said, “It’s time to step back and see what we can learn from the first wave of distribution and exhibition products and services as well as pioneering digital cinema release materials. The Saturday sessions will look at what has worked, what needs to improve, and what lies in the imminent future, so that digital cinema can continue to expand.”

Added Charles S. Swartz, executive director/CEO, ETC-USC, “Digital cinema has moved rapidly from prototype to realization and there are a host of new prospects on the near horizon in production and post. We are excited to bring this real-world information to Summit attendees, so they can take their digital cinema activities to the next level as well as make informed decisions on the convention floor.”

The Digital Cinema Summit is designed for people in the entertainment, entertainment technology, and creative and technical production and postproduction arenas. Information about the Digital Cinema Summit is available at

Saturday’s program, produced by SMPTE, centers around digital cinema mastering, distribution and exhibition issues, including: creating the D-cinema package; 2K and 4K projection technologies; 3-D installation and its visual/psychological impact; and a worldwide progress report on digital cinema installations in theatres.

Sunday’s schedule, produced by ETC-USC, looks at creating 3-D content; new digital cameras; color management software and services; and production and postproduction projectors and displays through neutral analysis, user experiences and recent projects.


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