NAB Launches Updated Public Service Website

The NAB today announced the launch of the new, a website that highlights the public service, charitable outreach, lifeline reporting and investigative journalism of local broadcasters.

The interactive map on the website’s home page provides hundreds of examples of radio and TV stations disseminating weather warnings during emergencies; raising funds for children’s hospitals and cancer research; collecting food, clothing and toys for neighbors in need; devoting free air time to politicians; investigating corruption in City Hall; supporting U.S. troops returning from tours of duty; and promoting education and healthy lifestyles.

“Every day, local broadcasters demonstrate their commitment to the communities that they serve,” said NAB EVP of Communications Dennis Wharton. “Our new and improved website serves as a showcase for the value of localism, and provides a one-stop-shopping site for information on the value of broadcasting to the American people.” also provides broadcasters with easy access to public service announcement campaigns.

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Derek Jeffery says:

February 29, 2016 at 3:56 pm

Love this idea and site

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