NAB Show Attendance Almost 92,000

That’s up over 4% from 2011. New media attendees were also up, climbing 25% from last year.

On Tuesday, the National Association of Broadcasters released preliminary figures for the 2012 NAB Show (April 14-19) that put final attendance at 91,932, up from 88,044 in 2011.

The association also reported an uptick in exhibitor participation and an almost 10 percent increase in size. The event comprised 1,600 exhibitors spanning 815,000 net square feet of exhibit space, up from 1,550 exhibitors occupying 745,000 net square feet in 2011.

TOTAL REGISTERED ATTENDEES: 92,112 (2011’s number was 92, 708)

INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES: 24,928 (25,691 in 2011)

COUNTRIES REPRESENTED: 151 (same as 2011)

NEWS MEDIA ATTENDEES: 1,652 (1,314 in 2011)


The 2011 NAB Show final attendance was 91,932 (88,044 in 2011).

International and news media attendance figures are included in the overall registration number. All numbers are based on pre-show and onsite registration and subject to an ongoing audit.

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