NAB’s ‘OK2Talk’ Campaign Raises Over $12M

The mental health public service announcement campaign launched in July has been aired more than 106,600 times on TV and radio stations.

The National Association of Broadcasters announced Wednesday that local radio and TV stations across America have donated airtime valued at over $12 million for NAB’s OK2Talk mental health public service announcement campaign. This includes more than 106,600 airings on TV and radio stations.

In response to the announcement, NAB President-CEO Gordon Smith said: “NAB salutes the efforts of broadcasters across America to make a real difference on the issue of mental health. As stewards of the airwaves, local radio and television broadcasters and our network partners have a unique megaphone and a remarkable capacity to change attitudes in a positive way. Mental health issues are often the common thread in tragedies like the Navy Yard shooting this week. We thank our broadcast brothers and sisters for their support for the NAB campaign, and urge them to continue carrying these pro-social messages that encourage a meaningful dialogue on mental health.”

The PSA campaign, launched on July 23, directs people to, a Tumblr-based community where teens and young adults struggling with mental health problems can share personal stories of recovery, tragedy, struggle or hope. By inviting young people, their families and friends to add their voice in a safe, moderated space, the campaign encourages an organic conversation about mental health challenges and recovery stories. The site also includes resources for those seeking help. has seen significant engagement following the launch of the campaign, with over 256,000 page views, 15,387 followers and 2,003 submissions. The site has also seen more than 23,000 clicks on the “Get Help” button, which takes visitors to and suicide prevention resources.

For more information about OK2Talk, click here.

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