New PTC PSA Fights Sexualization Of Girls

The Parents Television Council has launched a new public service campaign entitled “4 Every Girl” to combat the sexualization of girls by “advocating for a media environment where young girls are honored, valued and represented by healthy, respectful images.”

The PTC is rolling out the project with a dedicated website,; and with a public service announcement intended to increase public awareness and concern for the issue. The PTC said it will also bring its experience and expertise in media research, public education, public policy and grassroots advocacy to “achieve its vision of a media culture that honors the intrinsic value of every girl, free of sexualization.”

“In recent years, PTC research has documented several troubling trends on primetime television,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Underage girls are more likely to be sexualized than adults. There is a dramatic rise in the number of teenaged girls who are depicted as victims of violence — especially sexual violence.

“Frankly we’re tired of reporting such depressing data and we want to help do something about it. We hope the ‘4 Every Girl’ campaign leads to a sharp and swift reversal in these troubling findings. I am proud to announce the launch of this new initiative today, coinciding with the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child.”

Winter continued: “According to the American Psychological Association, the three most common mental health problems for girls — eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem — are linked to the sexualization of girls and women in media. We hope ‘4 Every Girl’ will bring increased awareness and concern, and a new light to the work of other organizations in the fight for healthier media images of young girls.”

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