NJ Salavation Army Seeks Broadcasters’ Help

Paul Rotells, president-CEO of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association, sent out the following message today:

Dear Fellow Broadcaster:

As you know, our area has been left nothing short of devastated in the aftermath of Sandy and our great NJ Salvation Army has asked that the following TV  Public Service Announcement be aired as soon and as often as possible. Also, could you add the tag or overlay for the NJ Salvation Army’s website when the announcement airs, they would appreciate it as well.

I know how precious airtime is and, well, if I could respectfully ask you to give this announcement special consideration in light of the current devastation and need for assistance by so many in the Garden State, it would be very much appreciated. Any help or questions can be directed directly to me at 201-914-0495. If you could also forward it to your colleagues for wider distribution, that too is appreciated.

This link and media file will only be available for 30-days from this posting. To download directly using the following link: http://ftpnyc1.dgit.com/download/ZRAG15049_NS.mpg

The NJ specific Website is: www.salvationarmynj.org


Please contact Ellery Vasquez if you should have any questions or issues regarding encoded files or links at 646-344-3422 or [email protected] 

Thank you so much for you kind attention to this vital message.

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