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Aveco, based in the Czech Republic, with offices in Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Mexico City, Bogota, and New Delhi, designs, sells, and supports studio production automation, master control automation, and integrated channel playout systems worldwide.

Until recently, all high-end master control automation systems used in sports, including Aveco’s, have included alternate playlists to use in case of rain delays, schedule over-runs/under-runs, and in times of rapid changes. 

However, none were designed to handle play-level sponsorships. Advertisers want to sponsor different types of plays. You can’t predict what type of play will come up and the response needs to be instantaneous. Some advertisers want to sponsor a touchdown while others want an interception, some a slam dunk and others a blocked shot, some a goal and others a save. Multiple advertisers will want to sponsor these peaks of interest so traffic-derived rotational patterns are required.

Aveco’s Ad Juggler, co-developed with one of the world’s largest media companies, is a breakthrough. Operators hit one key to execute the proper type of sponsorship as a video and/or graphic, implementing a standing-order from traffic, posting to the as-run log, and reconciling to traffic and billing.

This easily brings significant new revenue. Selling such sponsorship is easy as viewer attention is at its highest. Aveco makes this extremely easy to accomplish.


Aveco’s Ad Juggler can be located within a station or network master control room, a regional or national master control centralcast room, or it can be provided as a master control room service from a teleport or network service provider. Ad Juggler can be part of a primary master control, or it can be used only during sports events. And it is part of Aveco’s award-winning ASTRA automation suite of tools.

It can easily handle alternate sponsorships for alternative delivery methods (e.g., streaming, OTT, media portals, mobile apps, etc.) 

Ad Juggler can also be coupled with localized advertising through edge stream splicing at locations of re-transmission/translators, cable headends, DTH, etc. Aveco pioneered remote stream splicing in master control, taking responsibility for traffic interface, ingest, media forwarding, cueing, executing stream splices, returning as-run logs, and reconciling with traffic and billing. Using remote stream splicing enhances revenues with Ad Juggler as does other centralcasting Aveco solutions such as hub-and-spoke network connected designs.

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