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Cartoni will introduce several additions to its professional camera support product line. The new fluid heads, tripods, pedestals and remote devices address critical needs of broadcasters, rental houses and independent camera operators.

New products include—after the hot-selling 100mm base presented last year—a new 75mm base SDS (Smart Deployment Series) tripodand spreader support system for ultra-lightweight cameras. It combines Cartoni’s popular Focus 8 fluid head with a new version of its SDS featuring Cartoni’s SMART STOP two stage/single lever tripod and SMART LOCK mid-level spreader technology. Available in aluminium and carbon fiber, the SDS system is super-fast to spread and collapse, making it a perfect choice for ENG, documentaries and other on-the-go shooting. The 75mm SDS system is also available for separate purchase.

The Focus 8 fluid head is suitable for payloads from 0 to 8Kg (17.7 lbs) and features a continuously variable fluid damping system on pan and tilt movements and Cartoni’s patented variable counterbalance.

In response to numerous operator requests, comes an upgraded version of the Focus 22 having both Flat and 150mm bowl. The new head’s dual design is compatible with many popular pedestals and sliders, making it ideal for rental houses and broadcast production environments that employ a variety of camera and support systems. The new base interfaces directly with 150mm tripods and to pedestals via 4 bolts. The tie-down shaft can be easily removed with 10mm wrench from the 3/8” thread to interface with sliders. FOCUS 22 has now a super wide range of applications, supporting cameras from 3 to 22 kg (49 lbs) with the patented Cartoni perfect wing counterbalance.

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A new version of the bestselling P70 Pedestal now includes steering wheels. P70 is a compact, lightweight, portable support for studio and OB applications with a drive that is super-smooth, allowing for easy travelling. The new version includes three sets of double, heavy-duty, individually-lockable wheels.


The new E-Cube 7 is a performing encoded pan and tilt head with 7 steps of drag in both pan and tilt. This fluid head acts as a sophisticated pan bar when connected to a remote head and is the ideal remote control for cameras on cranes, jibs and drones. It features high resolution encoders with accuracy at 40.000 c/t.  E-CUBE 7 comes with flat Mitchell base and optional 150mm adapter.

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As the standard E-Cube (100mm base and continuous pan and tilt drag) the E CUBE 7 can be supplied in 3 different options, with the Cartoni electronics to operate the Cartoni E-REM 25, with encoders only, transmitting position data to any OEM electronics or bare-bone Fluid Head accepting different encoders and electronics in total OEM configuration.

The E-REM 25 newest release showcases an extremely smooth, reliable, silent, remote pan and tilt head with no back-lash. The maximum payload of 25 kg (56 lbs) covers almost all camera/lens configuration in studio, dollies, towers, cranes or pedestals. A wide variety of speed options from minimum 0,12 rpm and 0.7 °/sec to maximum 120 rpm and 720°/sec give to this head an outstanding flexibility. Pan/tilt resolution ix 800.000 c/t. It interfaces with a variety of remote command options as, the E-CUBE, Joystick or hand wheels. The Data transmission works on RS232/CAN protocol; Zoom and Focus control for digital lenses complete the setup.

Cartoni camera support products are available in the United States through Manios Digital & Film.

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