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GTP-30 (For radio and TV)DNF’s GTP-30 streamlines the path to full IP control. The modular, scalable unit offer the Company’s GTP-32’s workhorse power, but without the physical I/O. It can be used it to drive video/KVM routers, production switchers, multi-viewers, servers and DDRs, graphic devices, tally systems and more.

Virtual GTP-30  (For radio and TV)A software-only edition of the GTP-30 with full IP control over video/KVM routers, production switchers, multi-viewers, servers and DDRs, graphic devices, tally systems and more.  

GTP-32 Control Processor (Control Delegation & Virtual Router Enhancement Options) — DNF’s GTP-32 control processor has been significantly enhanced with options to (a) simplify linking control rooms to studios or remote sites for control of on-air camera tallies, profanity delay systems, etc, and (b) a new virtual mode with full functioned emulation of a SAM or Evertz router.

ST600-KIPRODNF will debut its ST600-KIPRO, the only Ethernet-based, tactile control panel for AJA’s Ki Pro DDRs. The unit supports up to four units with full transport control to record, play, stop, rewind, fast forward and jog. It can create, name and record clips; mark and recall cue points; view, select, load and play from a specified timecode location.

USP3-TSA  (For radio and TV)Any touchscreen monitor can be used as a control panel for television or radio with DNF’s USP3-Touchscreen Monitor Adapter. This 3” x 4” module plugs into an off-the shelf monitor to create a virtual Anywhere Interface Box (AIB) to control multi-viewers, or a virtual Universal Switch Panel (USP) to execute multiple user-defined actions.


SW2X1-9 A/B Switch CardThe newest rack-mountable addition to DNF’s popular SW2X1 Control Routing series, the card can be employed multiple ways: as a 2-in/1-out switch or vice versa, or as a passive IN-to-OUT switch. An Enable switch eliminates errors; control it via front panel A/B selection or remotely by GPI trigger.

IP Control BuddyIP Control Buddy, a robust go-to solution for bi-directional IP device controllers and messaging, features programmer-free webpage configuration and comes in GPI/O and LCD pushbutton models. A button press activates a GPI/O, transmits a serial command, or sends an Ethernet-based TCP/UDP/SNMP/HTTP message. New for NAB: DHCP or Static IP, remote device identification by IP address or URL, plus support for GET and POST messaging for Web-based device control.

SPYDER Shotbox — DNF’s SPYDER Shotbox has been enhanced to support Function Keys.  Simply press a key to load and “play” a Command Key, or load and “play” a Function Key.

DPI Signal Monitoring System Introducing a cost-effective standalone Live Mode option when an automation playlist doesn’t have to be monitored.

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