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Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis, will debut Vision-Field-CM, a cost-effective, entry-level version of its successful Vision cloud-based broadcast compliance and monitoring solution.

This innovation responds to broadcast industry demand for a low-cost cloud-based compliance monitoring service. The flexibility to deploy probes using low-cost IoT devices gives broadcasters close to 10 times the compliance monitoring of a legacy solution for the same price.

“While our flagship Vision platform covers the full gamut of QoS, QoE, compliance monitoring, and delivery analytics, this lower-cost option focuses on compliance monitoring and deploys a less expensive IoT device at a single remote point along the signal path,” said Qligent COO Ted Korte. “This is an excellent way to help broadcasters achieve compliance verification via a utilizing a distributed remote deployment, and provide assurance that their signals were in fact delivered over the air, or from their cable, satellite or IPTV head-ends legally and successfully.”

Like the flagship Vision platform, this new compliance monitoring solution offers cloud-based monitoring via a pay-as-you-go SaaS model. Qligent Vision-Field-CM gives broadcasters the power to speak with authority that their signals were in good shape upon leaving the studio, reaching the head-end, or any remote location of their choosing including the last mile. This provides a higher level of verification that was not practical before.

“As-run logs only ascertain that the automation system sent the commands to the routers, and playout devices to play-out a commercial to air,” said Korte. “Unfortunately, there are still too many moving parts downstream for this to remain a viable approach to ad verification. Vision-Field-CM answers the question: Did the content arrive where it needed to go? Pushing compliance monitoring downstream has become increasingly important in today’s finicky digital media delivery.”


Broadcasters that start with this basic package can upgrade or scale up their service to meet their growing needs. This is achieved primarily by supplementing the IoT probes with higher-end COTS probes to handle the additional monitoring load, yet still connect to the same aggregation servers. This migration path delivers the big data aggregation, and quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) parameters of each signal for deeper performance analysis. Also, since Vision-Field-CM uses a similar (yet slimmed-down) architecture of the flagship Vision platform, customers have a clear path to the broader feature set of a full cloud monitoring suite.

“For broadcasters that are delivering signals over the air, these IoT devices can be placed father out, at the edge of their service, to detect the presence and quality of the signal at a very low cost of entry,” Korte said. “The return on investment is almost immediate: By providing that feedback and assurance, the micro-probes save broadcasters’ considerable time, money and effort in trying to verify the delivery of their services. And in the future, Vision’s inherent scalability will simplify expansion into a complete cloud monitoring solution.”

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