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Vimond Media Solutions develops and markets modular, interoperable and custom OTT solutions. At NAB 2017, Vimond is demonstrating its modular, interoperable, cloud-based online video solutions and workflows, and showcasing impressive new broadcast features for Vimond IO — its ultra-fast, frame-accurate cloud video editor; improvements to the automated Rights Manager, new milestones for the Content Curator; and other enhancements to existing tools.

New Products

Vimond Orchestrator — Vimond Orchestrator, a backend workflow engine, manages the flow of online video from ingest to media asset management to distribution and playout. It includes built-in support for a full range of ingest and playout formats, external systems and storage types, as well as side-loading of audio and subtitles. Vimond Orchestrator is flexible, scalable and efficient.

Vimond Rights Manager — Vimond Rights Manager makes managing content rights efficient and uncomplicated. Contract managers, publishers and content managers now have an easy-to-use way to track complete content lifecycles. Define your contracts and regions. Trigger the creation of associated assets in Content Manager and ingest the videos. Share contract data via export or the API. Its integrated workflow saves time and minimizes duplication and errors.

Vimond Content Manager — Vimond Content Manager is a user-friendly tool for managing all aspects of your video assets. As a content manager or editor, you can use the tool to enhance content by adding chaptering and subtitles, quickly defining publishing windows, selecting promotional images from the image bank and then publishing to your customer portal.


Vimond Content Curator — Vimond Content Curator allows you to promote featured content in your customer portal and easily organise content in your carousels, menus and featured lists. Designed for content managers, editors and curators, this tool features a user-friendly interface and advanced search options that make lists easy to create and straightforward to manage. Bookmark your favorite playlists to make regular adjustments even easier.

Vimond Monetization — Vimond Monetization links content, pricing and payment. Use this powerful business tool to organise your subscription plans, map them to associated content, and manage end-user payment. Product managers can set the pricing, duration and availability of plans, manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers. Then rely on our flexible payment integrations for authentication and payment.

Also On Display 

Vimond IO — Vimond IO is a frame-accurate multi-user storytelling tool for journalists and video professionals. Seen for the first time at NAB 2016, IO lets users quickly put stories and clips together using source material in a wide variety of file formats, while it takes care of the transcoding. Browser-based, IO provides rapid search tools for finding content stored on the Vimond Online Video Platform, or in the customer’s  MAM system, with source and results players for intuitive editing. Editing with familiar keyboard controls, users can create stories and publish them immediately to the CMS, or to social media sites and YouTube.

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