One year in, Comet TV has come into its own

Comet TV, launched a year ago by Sinclair Broadcast Group and MGM, is quickly becoming one of the most popular digital broadcast networks. Key to its success is a fan-driven community that keep the conversation about the sci-fi network going on social media. 

Science fiction, horror and overall genre fans have among the deepest rooted communities throughout all of entertainment subcultures.  Recently launched Comet TV, a partnership between Sinclair Television and MGM, is the first-ever 24 hour/7 day-per week digital broadcast network for the ultimate genre fan.

The network features more than 1,500 hours of premium and classic MGM content, plus new programming that speaks to generations of loyal fans and followers of sci-fi. Comet TV is quickly becoming one of the most popular digital broadcast networks to date and continues to expand with such noted shows and films as the “Stargate” franchise, “Dead Like Me,” “Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot,” “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” “Men Into Space” and “Outer Limits” and such noted films as TerminatorGhouliesJourney to the 7thPlanet, the Godzilla franchise of films and the classic horror film, The Raven

The network launched one year ago to create a fan driven, community centric network that would provide fans content they want and love in the Science-Fiction and cult classic space. Comet TV is the place for incredible content thanks to the partnership between MGM and Sinclair and it will continue to bring top tier programming, classic and new to its loyal fans and new followers of genre programming.

Hundreds of shows and films have been launched and each month, more programming and shows are announced, many based on fan input and requests. Audiences continue expand and over the next year, Comet TV plans to not only engage audiences with great programming, but will expand its user experience to include contests and social engagement that will continue the dialogue among fans and between fans and the network, making sure the network continues meeting the needs and wants of viewers.

Fans of Comet are actively talking about the network’s programming and are doing so on various social media formats proving that fans who are viewers and viewers who are fans want a real-time community to not only watch, but often discuss and engage. This was a key point to the formation of Comet as a network. 

Comet can be seen in over 95 markets with viewing also available online and untethered at 


Celebrate our first year on air, beginning Nov. 1. 

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