Over 300 Stations Live On WideOrbit Analytics

WideOrbit’s previews its latest business analytics solution release at the NAB Show that offers new core dashboards containing more than 35 major reports, new standard data sources for ad-hoc data exploration and numerous features specifically built for station management.

WideOrbit Inc., a provider of advertising management software for media companies, announced today that more than 300 stations are now live on WO Analytics, the company’s business analytics solution. WO Analytics v3.1, the latest release, will preview at this week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas (Booths N5129 and N5829) and features many enhancements including several new core dashboards containing more than 35 major reports, new standard data sources for ad-hoc data exploration and numerous features specifically built for station management.

WO Analytics is a business analytics tool that provides in-depth monitoring and reporting across a media business to help executives and station managers identify new business opportunities, improve pricing, streamline operations and increase forecasting accuracy. WO Analytics gathers and analyzes data from WideOrbit source systems and third party systems, which allows users to quickly and easily identify profit opportunities, lost revenue and operational inefficiencies.

WO Analytics v3.1 includes several new enhancements to help broadcast executives and station managers gain insights into their data and improve decision making:

  • Complete push and pull access to all data — Accessible by email or from any browser or tablet, WO Analytics delivers instant access to real-time data analysis across numerous key areas of a broadcast business.
  • New data sources for ad-hoc data exploration — Along with spot and pacing data, WO Analytics now includes Invoice aging, payment history, traffic log, inventory capacity and Nielsen ratings information.
  • Several new core dashboards:
    • Director of Sales Dashboard — Complete overview with seven mini dashboards and over 25 major reports, including Top 25 Advertising Trends, Pacing Trends, Current Year Cancellations, Preempts/Credits — all with a high-level view and the ability to drill down into details.
    • Executive Dashboard — High-level pacing by revenue, group, focused events, category performance and daypart trends with drill-down capabilities.
    • A/R Dashboard — Overview of outstanding balances across a group to help identify areas for improvement, including days outstanding by AE, advertiser, agency, market or station.
    • Political Monitor — Group-wide and station-specific political sales analysis with LUR monitor and rate driver.
    • Sales Meeting Dashboard — Overview of the common, weekly, sales meeting metrics including potential lost revenue from weekly unsold/undersold inventory.
    • EUR Report — Multiyear EUR performance by different inventory codes, affiliates or dayparts.
    • AE One-on-One — All metrics typically reviewed in a manager/AE one-on-one meeting delivered in several reports.
    • National Preemption Report — View of preempts across stations, agencies, advertisers or sales office.

“Our mission with WO Analytics v3.1 is to bring data analysis capabilities to the front lines of decision making in the broadcasting business: station managers,” said Eric R. Mathewson, WideOrbit founder and CEO. “By providing powerful business analytics to both broadcast executives and station management, WO Analytics can help them work together more effectively to drive revenue across the entire organization. We’re very pleased with the momentum we’ve seen with WO Analytics and look forward to more of our clients experiencing the tremendous business benefits from this powerful tool.”

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