‘Paternity Court,’ ‘Couples Court’ Premiere Set

Orion Television’s syndicated court television pair are cleared in 90% of the country, Including all top 50 U.S. television markets. They will debut on Sept. 18.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Orion Television will premiere the fifth season of two-time Emmy nominated Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court and the debut season of Couples Court with The Cutlers, a half-hour weekday relationship court show on Sept. 18. David Armour created and executive produces both shows for Orion Television.

Couples Court with The Cutlers has been cleared in 138 markets so far, including WPIX New York; WUPA Atlanta — where the series is produced— and KMCI Kansas City, where the Cutlers practice law.

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is also cleared in 90%. Many markets will air a two-hour block of both shows this season. A selection of markets and stations airing back-to-back programming of Couples Court with The Cutlers and Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court include:

  • Atlanta, GA — WUPA
  • Charlotte, NC — WAXN
  • Cleveland, OH — WBNX
  • Dallas, TX — KDAF
  • Detroit, MI — WMYD
  • Fresno, CA — KFRE
  • Green Bay, WI — WCWF
  • Jacksonville, NC — WCWJ
  • Kansas City, MO — KMCI
  • Los Angeles, CA — KDOC
  • Milwaukee, WI — WCGV
  • Pittsburgh, PA — WPGH
  • Salt Lake, UT —  KJZZ   
  • San Diego, CA — KFMB
  • San Francisco, CA — KBCW
  • Seattle, WA — KSTW
  • St Louis, MO — KPLR
  • Tampa, FL — WTOG
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Couples Court with The Cutlers, featuring trial attorneys Dana and Keith Cutler, will use high-tech tactics like cell phone forensics, GPS tracking, DNA evidence and more, combined with the hosts’ legal knowledge to tackle each case and try to uncover the truth. Additionally, they will use lessons learned from their 35-year relationship to help litigants find resolutions and move forward.

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court returns for a fifth season of helping litigants navigate through the DNA results revealed in the courtroom. It is led by the Judge Lauren Lake.   

Couples Court with The Cutlers and Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court are produced by Armour and distributed by Orion TV Productions (Orion Television). In addition to Armour, executive producers are Myeshia Mizuno, Angela Smith and Barry Poznick.


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