Paxson adopts Harris Corp.’s Leitch DTP processor

Paxson Communications Corp. will use Harris Corp.’s Leitch DTP turnaround processor throughout its nationwide broadcast television distribution system. Paxson has ordered 56 DTP-220 systems to support its stations, 52 of which are on air in digital.

The DTP is an all-MPEG-2 compressed stream processor that allows broadcasters to overlay graphics/logos on pre-compressed high-definition and standard-definition streams. Working entirely in the compressed domain, Harris says, means that the DTP lets broadcasters decrease storage requirements, lower distribution costs and streamline operations because they have smaller files and narrower pipes to manage.

The DTP allows a remotely encoded DTV signal to be localized with such applications as logo overlays, crawls, time and temperature, stock information and local weather and news, that Harris says lets content owners devlop another revenue stream from their national content by making it more relevant to local audiences.

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