Qligent Debuts 24/7 Monitoring-As-A-Service Suite

Qligent, a provider of cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, has developed a monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS) suite for its flagship Vision platform that removes the responsibilities and expense of monitoring the linear TV air chain from the studio.

Using Qligent’s networked intelligence and data visualization expertise, management can redirect operations, engineering and production staff away from tactical day-to-day monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting tasks, and toward more strategic and creative initiatives.

Branded as Oversight, the 24/7 managed service offloads these responsibilities to Qligent’s team of industry experts via its distributed cloud environment. Oversight provides an outsourced first response and reporting capability for broadcasters and multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs). Additionally, Oversight turns disparity into convergence at larger facilities and networks, offloading monitoring tasks from multiple departments to its centralized managed service layer.

Oversight pairs with Vision, Qligent’s enterprise-level system for monitoring broadcast and media quality through the entire delivery chain, to support tasks from individual fault analysis to historical trend reporting. This allows the outsourced monitoring team to rapidly pinpoint, isolate and repair performance issues.

Additionally, Oversight delivers Vision’s comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) metrics and analytics as part of the managed service, allowing staff to correlate the programming being aired with quality of service and experience (QoS/QoE). Vision’s big data capabilities help users connect the cause and effect of performance issues as they relate to the impact on the viewing population.

Ted Korte, COO of Qligent, says that Oversight will help broadcasters and MVPDs make a clean break from the traditional practice — and expense — of on-site monitoring.


“The increased reliance on big data and deep analytics, for everything from QC monitoring to audience measurement, is driving a clear transition from CAPEX to OPEX expenditures,” said Korte. “With approximately 50% of industry spending moving toward services, the transition from product purchases to an OPEX partnership is clearly a sensible approach, especially in facilities where multiple departments have their own unique problems to solve. With Oversight, broadcasters and MVPDs no longer have to worry about staffing on-site monitoring or overloading less technical operators, and can instead invest in resources appropriate for each function such as new technology, new revenue streams, content acquisition, editing and other pertinent elements of the creative production process.”

Qligent will demonstrate how Oversight pairs with Vision at the 2015 NAB Show (April 13-16, Las Vegas Convention Center, booth N3621). The demonstration will include insight into Vision’s multichannel visualization capabilities for linear TV services, including over-the-air, cable, satellite and IPTV systems; and how users can customize user-generated KPIs, graphics and trend lines for all delivery platforms on a single screen.

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