IBC 2011

Quantel Offers QTube Support For Generic Storage

Quantel showed the next stage of its QTube line at IBC. QTube provides instant access to live production for frame accurate editing from anywhere over the Internet. The next development phase will give users the ability to integrate files held on generic IT storage into the QTube workflow. Also on show was QTube working with cloud storage and processing.

At IBC Quantel demonstrated how MXF files held in ASO2 bundles on COTS storage can be accessed across the internet by the QTube Browser and included in timelines on QTube Edit. The edits are then published, with QTube managing the movement of the selected frames from the generic storage into the Quantel Enterprise sQ server for playout. This opens up new workflow possibilities, Quantel said. For example, media stored in the archive and online merge into one resource with QTube — a resource that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Quantel also showed QTube working with content held on commercial cloud-based storage. The demonstration showed MXF files stored on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud-based platform being incorporated into a timeline on QTube Edit, and the final edit taken to air in HD.

“QTube is an open system,” said Ray Cross, Quantel CEO. “This demonstration of QTube working with generic IT storage really shows what we mean by openness. QTube enables content stored on Quantel systems and generic storage to be accessed with the same workflow, and be seamlessly combined.”

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