DMAS 64, 86, 118, 132 & 133

Rentrak Signs All Five Morris Stations

The group owner is adding StationView Essentials to its stations in Macon, Ga.; Lexington, Ky.; Columbus, Miss.; Wilmington, N.C.; and Chattanooga, Tenn.

Rentrak Corp. has signed a StationView Essentials contract with Morris Network Inc. for its five stations: NBC affiliate WMGT Macon, Ga. (DMA 118); ABC affiliate WTVQ Lexington, Ky. (DMA 64); CBS affiliate WCBI Columbus, Miss. (DMA 133); ABC affiliate, WWAY Wilmington, N.C. (DMA 132); and CBS affiliate WDEF Chattanooga, Tenn. (DMA 86).

“For years the television industry has searched for a better way to measure local audiences, and after extensive research we’ve determined that Rentrak is that better measure,” said Dean Hinson, president, Morris Network Inc.

“With Rentrak,” Hinson added, “we can provide our stations with ratings every day of the year from massive databases and not small diary samples. Providing stable ratings to our stations every day is an indispensable tool in bringing accurate audience numbers to agencies and advertisers.”

Rentrak provides daily measurement of all TV networks in all 210 U.S. media markets and features a fully-integrated system of detailed satellite, telco and cable TV viewing data that incorporates information from more than 20 million televisions.

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