Report: Station Rev To Grow 13% In 2012

The latest market-by-market review of TV stations from Bond & Pecaro and NAB forecasts that net ad revenue will jump from $15.9 billion to $17.9 billion, thanks in large part to Olympics and heavy political spending. That revenue will grow on a compound annual rate of 2.4% between now and 2018.

With the biennial boost from political campaigns and Olympics, TV stations’ net advertising revenue will grow 13% next year from $15.9 billion to $17.9 billion, according to the 2012 edition of The Television Industry: A Market-By-Market Review, a joint venture between the NAB and Bond & Pecaro.

And the revenue will grow at a compound rate of approximately 2.4% annually from 2011 to 2018, the report says.

The amounts and percentages include conventional time sales and new media/Internet revenues, but not retransmission consent fees.

The majority of the 424-page report is devoted to  snapshots of each U.S. TV market, which include statistical information on each competing station, market demographics and major cable systems.

A separate appendix provides profit margin benchmarks for various types of television stations.

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