Rohde & Schwarz Software Tests Multiple Channels

Rohde & Schwarz is launching drive test software for its R&S ETL TV analyzer. Many operators of digital broadcast networks already use the TV analyzer for installation and service work on transmitters. With R&S BCDRIVE, broadcast transmitter operators can now also measure network coverage with drive tests. This solution even allows them to determine network coverage in parallel for multiple broadcasting channels, which significantly reduces measurement times, according to Rohde & Schwarz.

In addition, users can take comparison measurements for testing new vehicle antennas. The software supports all of today’s common digital broadcast standards, including DVB-T and ATSC Mobile DTV. A function for exporting results to mapping software provides a straightforward display of measured values on maps.

The new drive test solution from Rohde & Schwarz is based on the R&S BCDRIVE software installed in the R&S ETL TV analyzer. Measurements can start immediately after the user connects the R&S ETL to the test antenna in the vehicle and to a GPS receiver. Neither an external computer nor any other extra components are needed. The drive test software supports common digital broadcast standards: DVB-T2, DVB T/H, ISDB-T(B), ATSC, ATSC Mobile DTV, T-DMB/DAB and DTMB. Future standards can be integrated by upgrading the software.

The R&S ETL in combination with the R&S BCDRIVE software is currently the only solution that is suitable for both measurements at the transmitter site and for drive tests. This combination is of interest, for example, to local network providers who do not perform drive tests regularly. They use the TV analyzer primarily for taking stationary measurements on the transmitter. The R&S BCDRIVE software’s user prompts are straightforward and self-explanatory. Users obtain results quickly and easily, even if they perform drive tests infrequently. Measurement values can be exported to road and street maps. This enables users to determine receive-critical sites along the test route at a glance.

The new drive test software also makes it possible to control several R&S ETLs in parallel. The measured values of all analyzers are saved on a time-referenced basis. Users can measure multiple broadcasting channels simultaneously during a test drive, which saves valuable drive time. Parallel measurements can also be used for comparison measurements when testing new antennas. Some car manufacturers, for example, equip their vehicles with a new antenna technology as well as with a conventional vehicle antenna. The drive test solution from Rohde & Schwarz allows a direct comparison of the performance of both antennas.

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