Sewee Launches ‘The Ocean Health Index’

Tim Voit’s Sewee Entertainment, in partnership with Conservation International, has launched The Ocean Health Index on TV stations nationwide.

The Ocean Health Index reflects the results from a three-year global study of the world’s oceans and it provides policy-neutral, scientific composite measure of the world’s oceans in 10 key categories.  The Ocean Health Index is being carried by stations including KCBS-KCAL Los Angeles; WJLA/News Channel 8 Washington; KOMO Seattle; KATU Portland, ORE.; KHNL Honolulu; KBAK Bakersfield, Calif., and others.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive method of evaluating the health of the ocean at a global and local scale, Conservation International collaborated with the National Geographic Society, The National Center for Ecological Analysis at UC Santa Barbara, the International Geophysical-Biophysical Program, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, The New England Aquarium and more to create The Ocean Health Index.

Sewee Entertainment is offering market-exclusive rights that include a 10-part news series, a half-hour special featuring Harrison Ford and a content-rich website.  The OHI will update its latest findings on an annual basis, allowing for ongoing measurement.

“Humans depend on the ocean for life itself,” said Steve Katona, managing director of The Ocean Health Index. “The Index explores the health of the coupled human-ocean system through the lens of 10 benefits that people expect from a healthy ocean, including food, natural products, jobs and healthy marine economies, tourism, clean water, biodiversity and others.  The Index scores how fully and sustainably those goals are being achieved.”

“We have had very positive response from broadcast affiliates representing major and mid-level groups”, says Sewee President Tim Voit.  “This is fresh news and science, perfect for presentation to viewers by local broadcasters and their news teams or meteorologist.”


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