Share Rocket Intros Content Monetization

Its new Monetize platform is designed to create an additional revenue source for broadcasters and publishers, while offering new premium inventory for advertisers.

Share Rocket today launched the Monetize social media monetization platform. Powered by the company’s new engagement-based social currency, the Monetize platform will let local broadcasters and publishers generate “meaningful and previously-untapped revenue from their highly-engaged social audiences and content,” according to the company.

Available to select Share Rocket customers in this year’s third quarter, broadcasters will be able to sell social campaigns on an upfront basis — similar to how they sell traditional television advertising. Share Rocket will provide the exclusive currency for these new advertising partnerships and an operations platform for managing this new premium inventory category.

One of the industry’s most important trends is the growing size of publishers’ and broadcasters’ audiences across social platforms such as Facebook. In many cases, these audiences are already bigger than the linear and web audiences combined. According to Share Rocket, broadcasters and publishers have not had a meaningful or scalable way to take advantage of premium, socially-distributed content’s appeal — until now.

“Our clients generate some of the most-engaging content published on social platforms,” said Chris Kraft, Share Rocket CEO. “Over the last three years, we have seen the struggle broadcasters and publishers of all sizes have encountered in trying to monetize their social audiences in a meaningful way. The Share Rocket currency and Monetize platform represents the first scalable strategy to directly monetize social media content distribution.”

Share Rocket says it has developed a new currency and way to value social audiences. “Engagement is the hallmark metric of social media success and Share Rocket’s new currency puts a high value on engaging content. The currency unlocks the value of this new premium social inventory category and creates a new source of revenue for publishers, while simultaneously giving advertisers more opportunities to reach customers.”

Monetize, Share Rocket adds, “will allow broadcasters and publishers to see exactly what their social audience and socially-distributed content is worth in monetary value.”


The platform automatically categorizes this new ad inventory based on the type and format of content. Content is then valued by category and by post, allowing it to be sold directly by the publisher to advertising partners. Monetize gives publishers complete control of the sales process and they keep 100% of revenue generated from ad sales.

Share Rocket’s Monetize platform will be previewed at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, on April 24.

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Dan Levitt says:

April 18, 2017 at 11:30 am

Sounds like a Payola Scheme when you monetize content form Broadcasters and Publishers, Would have been helpful to include the largest clients of Share Rocket in the article.

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