Sinclair Promotes Three Digital Execs

Kevin Cotlove, Ryan Moore and Ben Miller all add VP stripes to their resumes, reporting to Rob Weisbord, COO of Sinclair Digital.

Sinclair Broadcast Group on Monday promoted Kevin Cotlove, Ryan Moore and Ben Miller.

Cotlove was promoted to VP of digital operations and content from senior director of content and publishing. In his previous position, Cotlove was responsible for the hiring and oversight of Sinclair’s product development team, creating Sinclair’s publishing policies, and intricately involved in the new content management system build out.

In his new position, Cotlove will be involved in building out a mobile development team and a national content brand roll-out, continuing the improvement of our content management system, website designs and publishing capabilities, and oversee the digital content strategy on all screens for Sinclair, as well as help evaluate potential digital investments.

Moore was promoted to VP of digital sales from senior director of digital sales. In his previous position, Moore was responsible for the oversight of the digital sales strategy in conjunction with the chief operating officer, building out our national sales strategy, as well as working with our third-party vendors.

In his new position, Moore will be responsible for local, national and political digital revenues, overseeing of the digital advertising operations team, working with third-party vendors on sales strategy, training of regional and digital sales managers, and communicating new revenue concepts to all station management.

Miller was promoted to VP of product development from senior director of product development. In his previous position, Miller was responsible for building out the product development team, building the new content management system, creating new website templates and designs, evaluating third-party tech functionality and capability, developing patented technology, as well as working with content and sales to help generate revenue-producing assets.


In his new position, Miller will be expanding the product team including a new mobile team, oversee product development for Sinclair’s national content brand product, and will help evaluate potential digital investments.

In making the announcement, Rob Weisbord, COO of Sinclair Digital, said: “I am pleased to announce the promotions of three outstanding employees that have dedicated countless hours and commitment in creating a multi-screen culture within Sinclair. Kevin has raised the bar for content creation, and has been instrumental in launching Sinclair’s new proprietary content management system and new website template. Ryan, who has been the leader in the digital sales process, is at the forefront of the company’s digital revenue growth. Ben has built, from the ground up, Sinclair’s product development team which recently launched the company’s proprietary modern day content management system.”

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