SWR Innovates With Aveco’s Astra Studio News Production Automation Solution

The second largest broadcasting organization in Germany’s ARD consortium uses a single automation solution to manage three production control rooms, each configured differently, to control any of the company’s four studios. SWR worked with Aveco to develop the Astra Studio 2 automation platform and demonstrates, in this video, what it can do.

Aveco’s news production automation system features a wide range of industry-leading capabilities including:  

• Multiple-studio control, a major advantage over other “automate one studio” systems;

• “floating shots” which provides unprecedented fast ways to respond to breaking news outside a rundown:

• MAM integration so video search in breaking news can bring a clip instantly to air:

• Versatile graphics control including one-button release so a CG operator can best respond to breaking news needs:

• A mission-critical operating system core (QNX) which still has never had a virus (Windows/OSX/Linux software clients):


• Unique integration of production automation and master control automation;

• Studio control extends to the industry’s largest set of broadcast equipment, in racks, in a multi-city production cloud, and, with our News Studio In A Box;

For 23 years, Aveco has led the broadcast industry with innovation after innovation in production automation and master control.

In this video, watch automated control of video production switchers, camera robotics, graphics, audio, routing switchers, lighting and more.

Aveco Astra Studio automation coordinates all production resources, elevates production values and makes better use of equipment and staff. SWR was one of the pioneering broadcasters who guided the development of Astra Studio.

For more information about Astra Studio, please contact Jim O’Brien, 818.292.1489.

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