IBC 2014

Tedial Launches Media Exchange Platform

At IBC in Amsterdam, Tedial unveiled its new Media Exchange Platform (MEP.

The multi-screen explosion means that broadcasters and telcos are faced with an unprecedented — and often unpredictable — increase in the amount of media they have to exchange with each other.  These exchanges take place during the production and post-production processes and when packaging for delivery to multiple platforms. Undertaking thousands of drag-and-drop operations every day using fixed folders is inefficient and makes little sense at a business level.

It’s no longer enough to simply move thousands of media files over IP quickly and securely. Now broadcasters and telcos are also faced with the challenge of how to automatically manage and monitor the sheer amount of media and metadata that’s being exchanged every day with their multiple media partners 24/7/365.  Adapting typical broadcast processes or relying on simple IP accelerators and transcoding is not scalable or cost-effective

Tedial’s new MEP is designed to help content producers, broadcasters, pay TV operators, service providers and telcos work collectively on their media securely and efficiently.

Tedial provides a central media exchange platform with automated workflows to deliver to multiple sites and third-party systems, removing the unnecessary complexity that is now a reality for many organisations across many desktops and departments. MEP maximises the re-use and minimises the re-working of material and allows large media assets to be moved efficiently making use of Tedial’s centralised management capability without the need for extensive IT support.

Tedial’s MEP also provides global monitoring of media exchange processes using live dashboards and business reports that allow service providers and telcos (pushing content) and distribution platforms (pulling content) to exchange media automatically. Typical back-end processes that Tedial streamline prior to media exchange include: checking content locations and workflow status, checking where content has been sent from, applying transcodes, adding subtitles and checking quality etc.


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