Telco Offers Weekly Half-Hour Political Satire

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Telco Productions Inc. is offering The Flipside for fall 2014.

Telco says the new weekly, topical half-hour satire series “throws political correctness out the window and pokes fun at the powers-that-be with razor-sharp wit and fearless commentary.”

Each show contains “thought-provoking interviews with top-caliber guests — bringing an added dimension and diverse voice to the discussion,” Telco says.

To watch a preview, click here.

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Roger Lyons says:

November 15, 2013 at 10:39 am

Mr. Paen, you may want to speak to Bill Butler at Sinclair. They’ve been waiting for this kind of show for their stations.

cortney baker says:

November 15, 2013 at 11:23 am

Thank you AZObserver. Will do.

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