Telco Syndicating ‘Mantracker’ For Fall 2018

Mantracker, a gritty, fast-paced half-hour adventure series that pits an expert tracker against two weekend warriors in a chase through a remote and rugged wilderness, is being offered in national syndication (26 half-hours, 50-50 barter split) by Telco Productions for fall 2018.

Armed with a map, a compass, a one-mile headstart and a pre-determined destination known only to them, the weekend warriors have 36 hours to make it 25 miles without getting caught. The Mantracker’s goal is to catch the “prey” before they reach the finish line, within the designated time.

“It’s a great sports adjacent show or a program that fits into transitioning into weekend news,” says Alex Paen, president of Telco Productions.

Each episode features a two-person team of prey, who usually, but not always, has a pre-existing relationship. The prey has varying wilderness survival skills and physical fitness levels.

The Mantracker does not meet the team before the chase or know their destination. Traveling on horseback and aided by a local guide, the Mantracker relies on his tracking skills to find and capture the contestants.

For more information and demo, click here.


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