Arbitron PPM study in Houston finds that the two Spanish-language networks and MNT have higher out-of-home viewing than the other networks, with the Spanish-language nets the highest.

Primetime telenovelas, whether in English or in Spanish, attract higher than average out-of home audiences, according to a study of Arbitron Portable People Meter data for the last two weeks of September.

In fact, the out-of-home audience percentages that Arbitron has recorded for telenovelas approach the percentages recorded for NFL football.  Arbitron has deployed Portable People Meters in Houston, Texas, the nation’s 10th largest TV market, as the first step in a rollout of the new, passive measurement technology in the nation’s top 50 markets.

According to the Arbitron data for nine weeknights, Sept. 18-29 (excepting Sept. 21, when Univision telenovelas were preempted), out-of-home telenovela viewing exceeded the average in almost every key demographic across all three broadcast TV networks which now show telenovelas in prime time: Univision and Telemundo, which broadcast in Spanish, and My Network TV, which broadcasts in English.

For example, while Arbitron reports average primetime out-of-home viewing at about 13%, each of the three networks carrying telenovelas exceeded that figure. Among total viewers, MNT scored 15% out-of-home viewing; Univision scored 15.1%; and Telemundo scored 17.4%. Out-of-home telenovela viewing is even higher in the three key demographic groups, persons 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54.

In the 18-34 demo, Univision’s telenovelas attracted four times the combined hourly audience of MNT and Telemundo telenovelas in Houston, and got the highest percentage of out-of-home viewership among young adults: 24.3% vs. 24.2% for MNT and 19% for Telemundo.

Univision also led the 18-49 demo with more than three times the hourly audience of Telemundo and MNT combined. More than a fifth (20.4%) of the Univision telenovela audience aged 18-49 watched away from home vs. 17.8% for Telemundo and 13% for MNT.


Among those aged 25-54, out-of-home telenovela viewership is smaller on a percentage basis, but still above average for primetime. While Univision continued to lead the rest with average hourly viewing almost four times the combined totals of its rivals, it trailed in the out-of-home component at 14.3%. MNT placed second with 15.1% out-of-home viewing among those 25-54, while Telemundo led with 18.8%.

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