TestDriveNow Offers Auto Web Content

More and more car buyers are turning to the internet as the automotive online marketplace continues to grow. Specially designed and geared toward consumers, media and advertisers alike, TestDriveNow is rolling out automotive Web content featuring video reviews by Drive Time with Steve Hammes.

TestDriveNow is designed for local TV, radio and newspapers looking to boost their auto ad buys and generate new incremental online revenue. It establishes an extra marketing platform for local advertisers to reach highly desirable shoppers. TestDriveNow offersits media partner “consumer-friendly content and video that appears on the individual media partner site. That content conveniently provides potential buyers with a valuable consumer tool in their search for information about the latest vehicles coming to the market.”

In turn, it allows each media partner to capture a larger piece of the lucrative local auto ad market which then provides their advertisers a greater share of qualified auto leads and buyers.

Automotive journalist Steve Hammes offers his, Latest Video Reviews, Top Picks,  First Look, News, Auto Safety Tips  and more based on his first-hand test drive experiences of more than 1,500 new vehicles over the past 15 years. His Drive Time with Steve Hammes video reviews are seen across the country and across media platforms.

TestDriveNow is distributed by ProPixTV LLC and powered by Pure Digital Marketing.   

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