Debuts Engagement Program has launched a new program that helps news and media companies harness the power of audience data to boost user engagement, and increase page views, time on site and ad revenue.

“The way a user interacts with your digital product can give insights into what content they find compelling,” said Brad Ward, president and CEO of “For example, if a user frequently clicks on tech-related articles, it’s an indication that they might respond to technology business news and tech product reviews.”

The new program, called iQ Engage, converts these “signals” from users — answering a poll question, clicking a keyword, saving an article, browsing a specific section, etc. — into actionable audience segments.

This data enables sites that use’s BLOX CMS to serve up content recommendations that are customized to each user based on their individual behavior profile, so they’ll browse deeper and see more content — and ad impressions.

A unique profile is created for each visitor, and users can be tracked across multiple devices, including desktops, tablets and phones. Profiles can be created and updated for both anonymous and logged-in users.

“Because iQ Engage is fully integrated with BLOX CMS, we can really take advantage of all of the user interactions that happen on a partner site,” Ward said. “When a user fills out a form, ‘likes’ an article or enters a contest, that information can be used to supplement their profile.”


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