Tribune Stations Add Two New Syndies

LongNeedle Entertainment’s E/I series On the Spot is set for 22 markets, while Trifecta-Sternberg’s Live from Daryl’s House moves from the Web to seven stations.

Tribune Broadcasting has added two new syndicated series to the fall lineups at some of its stations.

From E/I producer LongNeedle Entertainment, On the Spot is based on national and state curriculum standards and presents trivia everyone should know in a “man on the street format” designed to be both entertaining and educational. Aimed at audiences aged 13-plus, the new series features questions from key subjects like science, math, English, history, art, geography and more.

Tribune will carry the show in 17 markets (including seven of the top 10) on stations including WPIX New York, KTLA Los Angeles, WGN Chicago, WPHL Philadelphia, KDAF Dallas, WDCW Washington, KIAH Houston and KCPQ-KZIO Seattle.

LongNeedle has also secured agreements with several Local TV stations to carry On the Spot, including WJW Cleveland, KDVR-KWGN Denver, KTVI-KPLR St. Louis, KFOR-KAUT Oklahoma City and WTKR-WGNT Norfolk, Va.

The second series comes from Trifecta Entertainment & Media and Scott Sternberg Productions. They are offering 36 half-hours of the hit Web series Live from Daryl’s House.

The Tribune stations signed up for Daryl’s House include five of the top six markets: WPIX New York, KTLA Los Angeles, WGN Chicago, KDAF Dallas, KIAH Houston, KCPQ-KZJO Seattle and KRCW Portland, Ore.


Begun in 2007 as a free monthly webcast after recording artist Daryl Hall had the idea of “playing with my friends and putting it up on the Internet,” Live From Daryl’s House was featured at this year’s NATPE convention. In each weekly half-hour episode, Hall collaborates with a different performer as they “jam” for the pure enjoyment of the music. The show features a mix of well-known artists representing a wide range of musical genres.

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