TUFF TV Adds New York Affiliate

The diginet that targets men says the addition of WKOB puts it on track to reach 42 million households by the end of the first quarter.

Diginet TUFF TV has added WKOB-LD New York (DMA 1) to its lineup of stations carrying its original programming targeted at men 18-49. TUFF TV will air on WKOB’s ch. 42.2.

TUFF TV features sports, lifestyle, drama, reality, talk, specials and movies. “TUFF TV fills a void in the marketplace with a unique mix of programming genres currently unavailable on one dedicated network,” said Lou Seals, CEO of TUFF TV Media Group LLC. “Our distribution model is different from many others and our technical capabilities allow for a rapid expansion across the United States,” Seals added.

TUFF TV has distribution in major markets including Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle and Charlotte, N.C.  With the addition of New York City, the company said the network is on target to reach projections of approximately 45 million U.S. TV households during the first quarter.

TUFF TV is a joint venture between Chattanooga-based Luken Communications LLC and Atlanta-based TUFF TV Media Group LLC.  Luken Communications also owns Retro Television (RTV).

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Robert Klein says:

January 20, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Unless TUFF TV moves to a real, full-power L.A. station, they’re never going to have a true presence in this market. KFLA-LD 8 is barely receivable. I can’t get it at all, even though I’m within their “signal area”. Antenna TV and THIS TV do quite well, as they appear on KTLA 5.2 and 5.3 respectively. Get the hint, TUFF TV.