TVB’s Roskowski To Join Marketing Evolution

The chief development officer at the broadcasting trade group will join the pioneering Big Data firm with the same title on July 30.Big Data is "becoming a hot industry to be a part of," says Roskowski.

Scott Roskowski, chief development officer at TVB, is leaving the trade group next Friday (July 3) to join Marketing Evolution, a pioneer in Big Data marketing.

He will be taking a break before officially starting the new job with the same title — chief development officer — on July 30.

Leaving TVB after five years is “bittersweet,” Roskowski told TVNewsCheck. “This has been quite an experience. I equate it to getting a Ph.D. in media.”

Roskowski describes Marketing Evolution as a Big Data platform primarily assisting national advertisers by optimizing their media mix and analyzing its effectiveness on a return-on-investment basis.

Roskowski said that his job will be to expand the company’s business by developing new offerings for media agencies, supply-side and demand-side programmatic buying platforms and media companies.

Buyers and sellers looking to spend money more effectively by making decisions based on a whole host of rich data sets, are its targets. “It’s got to be smart,” Roskowski said. “It’s got to be the right content.”


About four months ago, Marketing Evolution began working with TVB in the creation of a data management platform that it can use to pitch auto advertisers on the merits of spot TV.

Marketing Evolution was founded 14 years ago by Rex Briggs, who continues to serve as CEO.

But Big Data is only lately coming into vogue in advertising. “It’s becoming a hot industry to be a part of,” Roskowski said.

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