Veteran WCAU Reporter Lu Ann Cahn Leaving

After nearly three decades serving the viewers and communities of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware, reporter Lu Ann Cahn will be retiring from NBC-owned WCAU Philadelphia (DMA 4). Cahn’s last day is Dec. 19.

Cahn came to WCAU from Miami as a general assignment reporter in 1987 and over the next 27 years, she became a staple in the market.

Cahn’s passion in righting injustices and improving the lives of those who couldn’t do it for themselves drove her to become the founding member of the NBC10 Investigators.

The most pivotal moment in her career, however, came after her diagnosis with breast cancer. During this time, she did what she does best and documented her treatment. Breast Cancer: My Personal Story became the basis for a series of on-air reports about surviving breast cancer as well as a documentary which aired on WCAU for more than a decade. WCAU noted: “This personal struggle made public became a beacon of hope and a source of information for breast cancer patients looking for a guide to take them through their own journeys.”

Recently, when she felt like her life needed a recharge, Cahn teamed up with her daughter to bring her storytelling to social media where she blogged about her 365 days of dares — everything from taking the Polar Bear Plunge to eating nothing but desserts all day. The blog eventually became her book I Dare Me: How I Rebooted and Recharged My Life by Doing Something New Every Day and is the foundation for the beginning of her next adventure.

Beginning in January 2015, Cahn will drive cross-country for the entire month to take her “I Dare Me” message to readers everywhere.


“Lu Ann is a woman who strikes fear in the hearts of scammers and evil-doers, hope in the hearts of breast cancer patients and confidence in the hearts of those longing to re-boot their lives,” said Anzio Williams, WCAU’s VP of news.

“We wish Lu Ann the same high level of success she shared with us during her years here at NBC10,” said Eric Lerner, president and general manager.

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