Video Clarity In Agreement With SRI

Video Clarity, provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, today announced an agreement with research center SRI International, whose list of projects over the years include color TV, HDTV, Siri and more.

Under the agreement, Video Clarity will offer SRI’s Sarnoff test patterns as an optional addition to its ClearView Video Quality Analyzer and ClearView Player systems.

“This agreement allows us to add new features to our systems that customers want and need for different kinds of quality analysis — analysis that provides additional information about video signal characteristics,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity.

“Now program originators and equipment manufacturers that use our ClearView systems have a powerful set of test patterns to complement the sophisticated system features that are already in place,” he added. “Just as important, being able to get these test patterns from Video Clarity satisfies customers who want more tools from a single vendor.”

With the integrated solution from Video Clarity and SRI, Video Clarity will offer a selection of SRI’s Sarnoff test patterns preloaded into a ClearView system’s video sequence library. The test patterns include Visualizer and Encoder Stress Pattern (ESP) — both of which are available in High Dynamic Range versions — as well as the Color Space and Monitor Test Pattern Suite (CSM).

ClearView analyzer and player systems play back the test patterns, which give visual information on several qualitative aspects of the video and audio. Video Clarity will provide the test patterns in multiformat bundles for customers who require content to drive their picture-quality analysis and measurement.


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