DMA 58

WALA Mobile Adds Real-Time Traffic Reporting

Meredith’s Fox affiliate WALA Mobile, Ala. (DMA 58), has launched what it says is the first real-time, interactive traffic system in its market. Traffic Tracker uses multiple real-time data streams to instantly alert viewers to problem areas on the roadways.

“This is a system that allows us to quickly distribute valuable information to our viewers to help them get out the door in the mornings and, hopefully, back home safely in the evenings,” said Gary Yoder, WALA VP-GM.

Traffic Tracker instantly alerts viewers to accidents, breakdowns and construction delays. The system also integrates with WALA’s weather software to alert viewers when adverse weather is affecting the roadways such as the presence of water, ice or fog.

This traffic program uses 3D imagery to point out traffic trouble spots on Mobile, Pensacola and Baldwin County roads. Traffic Tracker also features drive-time estimates to give viewers additional information to help plan their commute.

WALA management says Traffic Tracker will be most frequently used during morning and early evening newscasts but will be available whenever traffic issues arise.

The system was purchased from WSI and the real-time data is powered by INRIX.


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