Webinar: Optimize, Monetize On Facebook

Emily BarrJim MoroneyPat LaPlatneyC-level executives from Graham Media (Barr), Raycom (LaPlatney)  and the Dallas Morning News (Moroney) will discuss the challenges of maintaining brand identity and monetizing inside Facebook’s walled garden during a TVNewsCheck webinar: “Optimize, Monetize Your Facebook Strategy.” Set for Tuesday, June 13, at 2 p.m. ET, the webinar, which will also feature Jason White, Facebook’s manager of U.S. news partnerships, will confront the challenges of migrating audiences from Facebook back to media’s owned and operated platforms.

There’s no longer any question that media companies need a strong presence on Facebook to engage its vast pool of users. Plenty of questions remain about how to monetize it, preserve an independent brand identity there and carry audiences over from its walled garden to media’s own platforms.

TVNewsCheck will tackle all of those issues on Tuesday, June 12, at 2 p.m. ET in a webinar, “Optimize, Monetize Your Company’s Facebook Strategy.”

Register here for the webinar. The fee is $299.

The speakers:

Emily Barr, president-CEO of Graham Media, Pat LaPlatney, CEO of Raycom Media and Jim Moroney III, CEO of A.H. Belo and its signature newspaper, The Dallas Morning News. Joining them will be Facebook’s Jason White, manager of U.S. news partnerships, in a discussion moderated by Michael Depp, TVNewsCheck’s special projects editor.

The webinar will address media’s complex and evolving relationship with Facebook, particularly as the platform becomes a hub for live streaming and longer-form native video. Speakers will explore how traditional media are determining their criteria for giving over — rather than just linking — their original content and new monetization streams Facebook is developing.


Other issues will include newsrooms’ growing use of Facebook Live as a key breaking news and audience engagement platform, along with the potential pitfalls of dependency there. The webinar will also look at Facebook’s own video ambitions and the role media will play in enabling them.

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Cheryl Thorne says:

May 16, 2017 at 8:47 am

Why is this seminar even happening?? Facebook is your competitor not your friend?????by promoting them you are giving them more metrics and increasing their revenue opportunities..Don’t you get that??What would these stations do if Facebook changed their model and started charging them a fee for using Facebook..I bet their are no answers for that one….