WFMJ Youngstown Dropped From Dish

The satellite provider and the Youngstown, Ohio, NBC affiliate failed to reach agreement on terms for a new carriage contract.

Earlier today Dish Network dropped NBC affiliate WFMJ Youngstown, Ohio (DMA 110). from its lineup in Youngstown after Dish and the station failed to reach agreement on terms for a new carriage contract. Under law, satellite and cable providers cannot carry television stations without an agreement in place.

Jack Grdic, WFMJ GM, said in a statement: “We are disappointed that Dish Network chose to drop WFMJ from its lineup. We have been negotiating with Sish for several months and have agreed to extend the old agreement several times. We made a last-ditch effort to avoid a service interruption this morning by substantially revising our offer in Dish’s favor. But Dish did not make a counterproposal. Instead, Dish close to let the old agreement expire.”

Grdic also said: “We are particularly surprised that Dish Network would choose to drop WFMJ, the NBC affiliate for Youngstown, just three weeks before the London Olympic Games. Fortunately, our viewers have many different optionos to receive WFMJ….” He said the station is being carried “by all other local cable and satellite distributors…and, of course, [it is] always available free over the air.”

He added: “We want to assure our viewers that we will continue to try to persuade Dish Network To carry WFMJ …, but we cannot predict if or when Dish will restore WFMJ.”

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Scott Murray says:

July 23, 2012 at 6:41 pm

I think it is a shame that wfmj’s greed will mean that many viewers will not be able to see the Olympic games this summer. Dish Network has been prevented from carrying wfmj’s broadcasts, because wfmj has asked for unreasonable fees, to carry the games. Dish has advised that your fees exceed that of other stations.

I am angry. I pay extra to have local stations (does anyone use an antenna anymore?).

I’m posting my objections on Facebook, and I hope others will too.

Hope your station suffers financial loss for your lack of caring for what your viewers want to watch. This is simply greed!